End of a chapter… Almost

I have recently just finished my masters and I am just waiting for the dreaded results. I am now volunteering and trying to find a job. Finishing my masters has also meant I have actually been able to check my wildlife camera for the first time in months. Seeing all the foxes and badgers did make me happy until I saw a grey squirrel. Why did the grey squirrel upset me? Well it probably has something to do with having sat watching a feeder for five days hoping for a grey squirrel to appear so that the behaviour of greys could be compared with the behaviour of reds. During the five days, no grey squirrels were seen anywhere near the area and then about week after I handed my dissertation in I see the distinctive grey squirrel on my camera! That squirrel is not my friend!


I love my camera and I have now also seen what I assume is a heron, it is hard to tell as it was a rainy day and the animal in question did not look very happy about that, and a buzzard. I have a few more volunteer events booked to do and I will write more soon 🙂

End of a chapter… Almost

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