Rock Pooling with the Wildlife Trust


I was volunteering with the North Wales Wildlife Trust with the Dawn from Living Seas. Seas worldwide are in trouble and the vision of the NWWT is to once again see a thriving and species diverse seas on the coasts of Wales and beyond.

The project focuses on public engagement encouraging people of all ages to see what they have and can find on our local coasts. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all of the species found there myself and I am excited to volunteer with them again. I was able to go on some rock pooling sessions to see what we all could find! Lion Maned Jellyfish and shore crabs were spotted which were the highlight for me. The Living Seas team work hard to put plenty of events suitable for all ages to learn and engage with the coasts around them. All the events can be seen on the North Wales Wildlife Trust website.


Other than attending events there are plenty of ways we can all try and help revitalise our seas šŸ™‚

1. Take all your litter home and put it in the bin: Litter commonly finds its way into our waterways which can be very harmful for marine life. If you dispose of it correctly you could prevent unnecessary suffering of our marine wildlife globally. It is incredibly simple and you could save a life šŸ™‚

2. Reduce your carbon footprint: climate change is causing excess carbon to be stored in our seas which is essentially causing acidification. This is killing off many species including coral reefs which supports 25% of marine biodiversity. Reducing your carbon footprint may help in the fight against climate change and save any of the remaining coral reefs we have left šŸ™‚

3. Volunteer to help clean your coastlines: why not try a bit of volunteering like I have been doing to help litter pick or clean up your local beaches. It is a great way to get involved and meet like-minded people šŸ™‚



Rock Pooling with the Wildlife Trust

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