30 Days Wild: Days 16, 17, 18 and 19

Day 16: I studied my squirrels and birds as per usual and also went for a bike ride! It was national bike week last week so my sister and I went from our home to Llanberis over clegir hill. The hill is steep but the views from the top are stunning 🙂 No photos because I forgot my camera but maybe take a trip for yourself!

Day 17: Once again did my study. The week of 5oClock starts had however taken its toll and instead of going for a run as I planned, I fell asleep on the sofa… Oops!

Day 18: On the saturday I went kayaking at Llyn Padan with my dad, my boyfriend and the dogs! My dad is training for a triathlon so I am his kayak support and because we had the dogs they had to come in the kayak with me! They did not enjoy this so much and tried to continually jump out. Luckily they didn’t and we successfully navigated the lagoons. I also went for a run along the footpaths above the village which was lovely but it involved a hill which I’m not yet very good at! We also ate outside on the picnic bench for our attempt at National Picnic Week and made a cake in the shape of a “hedgehog” (that is up for debate).

Day 19: Today, I went to Llandudno for a strandline species identification training day in Llandudno with the North Wales Wildlife Trust. The aim of this day was to learn about the common species so that I can be involved with public engagement events during the summer which I am excited about! I know absolutely nothing about coastlines so I am looking forward to learning about what I can find there! 🙂 Next week I continue with my research project and hopefully find more wild things to do!

30 Days Wild: Days 16, 17, 18 and 19

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