30 Days Wild: Days Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen

Over the past few days the weather has reverted back to good old wet and windy Wales which I would rather it didn’t because I was quite enjoying all the sunshine! On the Sunday (day 12) I had quite a lazy day following my adventure in the mountains with mum on the Saturday! Day 13 and 14 were mainly spent collecting data about birds and squirrels which I love and got to see two red squirrels at once! They were squabbling over food with the occasional Jay trying to butt in hoping they would drop their peanuts! So from the site having no squirrels the week before I now have some very usable and exciting data! I do apologise about the photo quality but I took it on my phone as I forgot my camera!


Today (day 15) I did some more data collection at a second site! This morning went without a hitch, got up at 5 got to the site for 6 collected data until 8 then returned home! This afternoon was another story entirely. I do not live near the sites and I have to drive 30 minutes each way with all my feeders to get there. When I arrived I was told she was too busy gardening for me to sit and watch the squirrels/ birds! I wouldn’t mind but I do ask if it is ok to go on certain days, it is a long way and it would’ve been nice if I had been told not to come. Anyway rant over, it is just a part of the joys of conducting your own research and having to rely on others. I also took the dogs for a walk around the field and got a wonderful photograph of a grasshopper and a bee on a dandelion. I heard the characteristic clicking sound of the grasshopper for the first time this year and followed it to the source! The bees are much easier to spot as one of our fields is completely taken over by dandelion and red clover. I also had the less than pleasant experience of a dead squirrel falling from a tree and almost landing on my head but perhaps the greys are trying to get their own back because I am studying their much redder cousins!

30 Days Wild: Days Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen

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