30 Days Wild: Days Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten

Day 7 Tuesday: on the 7th day of 30 days wild I continued with my data collection and got a beautiful photog

raph of a bumblebee which took a break to help me with my data collection! I needed the distraction as the red squirrels were failing and did in fact fail to make an appearance on the Tuesday. I visited two sites and neither of them yielded any reds but luckily a few birds did come to keep me interested and nuthatches may be my new favourite bird! For the rest of the day I mainly tried to input all my data into excel which is quite boring and takes longer than I was anticipating.


Day 8 Wednesday: the 8th day was pretty much the same as the 7th. I went to do my study where no red squirrels appeared and I inputted data into excel. All in all, not a very exciting day!

Day 9 Thursday: the red squirrels finally appeared to make my data collection slightly more exciting :)! This squirrel was the fist one I had seen all week which seeing as I am trying to study them is not great! But seeing as I was starting to think someone had come along and stolen them all I was quite happy with finally seeing one 🙂 I also went kayaking to support my dad as he was doing his open water training in preparation for some triathlons. We also took the dogs which also gave kayaking and swimming a go! The lake is a wonderful place to see wildlife and there are some very beautiful ducks swimming around at this time of year!

Day 10 Friday: the weather was starting to deteriorate on Friday, after getting up way to early to get to my first site luckily the rain held off and I got to see more than one red squirrel and several birds! I also got to witness the Jay opening the squirrel-only feeder! May need to find a way of redesigning the squirrel feeders to prevent this! Or it may be like the bear situation in the US and Canada where the bear boxes for food have to be redesigned every year or so! In the afternoon I had to cut my data collection time in half due to the home owners circumstances which I was quite happy about because I got caught in a very heavy downpour and all my data collection sheets became very soggy!

30 Days Wild: Days Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten

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