30 Days Wild: Day Three

Today, I finally got back out to study the red squirrels and garden birds on Anglesey! I love going just because I get to see the reds rather than the huge grey squirrels that I get eating from my bird feeders. This morning there was not much activity but I did get to see a red squirrel (see photo 🙂 ) and also robins, great tits, blackbirds, a nuthatch and the Jay which likes to come and sit right next to the feeders stopping anything small and cute from approaching the feeders!

After my morning session I went kayaking with my dad at a local lake. The weather was beautiful and it is also a great opportunity to escape from people and see the fish swimming and freshwater birds and ducks swimming on the lake!

In the afternoon I went to put up a bird feeder at another site so that it can be included in my dissertation project which was exciting and fingers crossed it does in fact have red squirrels and that the presence of the hoppers at the site and the fact they are being fed isn’t some cruel joke but we will have to wait and see until next week :). In my afternoon study session there was much more activity on both the red squirrel and bird front and I finally got to see a robin braving a feed from the hanging feeder which they haven’t done in the previous two weeks! I also learnt that one of the nuthatch at the site is not scared of the red squirrels at all and will happily share a branch with one whereas all the other birds fly away! One thing the nuthatch are scared of is the woodpecker that occasionally makes a brief appearance at the site.

This evening I attempted to make a buggy hideaway type thing using bamboo, sticks, straw and an old plant pot. It is a little bit rubbish but its the thought that counts after all! Tomorrow I am going to Scotland with my boyfriend to see the DH world cup so hopefully I will find an opportunity to find nature during the trip 🙂

30 Days Wild: Day Three

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