30 Days Wild: Day Two

I had quite a quiet day today due to not having a car! The lack of car meant I couldn’t go and see the red squirrels to do my data collection, but they probably didn’t mind because there food wouldn’t disappear and then magically reappear elsewhere in a different feeder every half hour!

I had some wonderful walks with the dogs down to the river to see the wild flowers and the dragonflies. After doing my jobs for my grandma I attempted to make a “pond” in an old plastic box so fingers crossed something will decide they want to use it! I do need to find some plants to put into it as it is currently filled with rocks from the stream which was rather devoid of plant life due to the crazily low water levels we currently have. So much so, much of the rocks in the stream have created mini dams!

I have my car back so tomorrow I can continue with my data collection and go and see the wonderful squirrels and the birds. Fingers crossed they make an appearance! IMG_1438[1]

30 Days Wild: Day Two

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