30 Days Wild: Day One

Today was the first day of the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild which aims to get people outdoors and to connect with nature every day in June. As I am currently conducting research for my masters project I get outside quite often to see the red squirrels and the birds on Anglesey. This morning I was aiming to get to my site for 7am, I however conveniently (or not) hit debris in the road and my dad had to come and remove said debris before I could finally arrive at the site at 8am. The wildlife at the site was a bit sparce this morning but I did get to see one of my beloved red squirrels, a nuthatch, a great tit, a woodpecker and a little mouse that was scurrying about.

I was supposed to return to the site at 4pm to collect more data for my project but after a trip to the garage I found out the damage to my car was much worse than first thought. Turned out than as well as the washer fluid container, the suspension and brakes had also been broken so my study is on hold until the car is back on the road.

I live in the countryside so I often get to see many species by just stepping outside the backdoor which was true again today. I got to see the crows arguing over who got the best pieces of bread, the blue tit who’s built a nest in a whole in a tree finding worms and the fish swimming around in the river. The river bank is not truly managed and all the vegetation is allowed to grow wild which attracts all sorts of butterflies and dragonflies which are wonderful to watch as they fly around.

Due to not being able to go to do my afternoon study session I decided to go for a walk on some of the footpaths that I have not yet been on in the village. The footpaths took me through woodlands and open fields and I also got to see a foal which made me very jealous. I have always wanted a foal frolicking around the field but for now I will make do with seeing them in the fields :).

30 Days Wild: Day One

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