A Week in Jersey

As a part of my masters cause we had the opportunity to go and study at Durrell Academy for one week, alongside the DESMAN students. During this week we were taught about captive husbandry and conservation genetics which taught very good theoretical and practical skills regarding the topics. We were taught how to use important programmes such as STRUCTURE and PMx which are beneficial skills to have if you want to pursue a career in conservation genetics. We were also taught how to do scan sampling on animals at Durrell Conservation Trust which was fun and very informative on the behaviour and different personalities of Telfair Skinks. We also had the opportunity to help with small mammal trapping and learn the relevant skills for successful trapping.

The course was a very good opportunity for meeting new like minded people from all over the world. We had the opportunity to meet people working in the field of conservation from India, Seychelles, Mauritius, Brazil and several countries in Africa; all of whom had exciting stories to tell. If anyone gets an opportunity to study at Durrell Academy do not hesitate to go as it is a very good and fun learning experience.

A Week in Jersey

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